Health, Safety, and

If we are working, then our responsibility is to be working safely.

The purpose of Stark TS Health, Safety, and Environment Management System is to manage threats, hazards, events, and effects on health, safety, and the environment in a systematic and structured way. The management of these involves a systematic process of risk identification, assessment/evaluation, control, monitoring, and recovery where necessary.

Core Processes in Action

Safety is the foundation of all Stark TS operations. We put a strategy in action by holding each employee accountable for adhering to safety standards and taking steps to eliminate or correct unsafe behavior.

These are our core Areas of Focus:

It is Stark TS policy to conduct its business properly for HSE
(within the scope of legal and other requirements), not to violate these requirements, abide by all legal decisions, and maintain a positive and proactive team approach to HSE at all times.

The company will pursue to conduct its business in such a way to protect the health, and safety of its employees, its contractor employees, and other persons affected by its activities, as well as to protect the environment, minimize pollution and seek improvement in the efficient use of Natural resources